All slide and wire feeding of this machine is computerised on the basis of mechanical coiling machine for having coiling and forming both functions. Purpose of this machine is these, makinghigh value spring, making small quantity spring, shortening set-up time.

The optional device is necessary for the spring that is on blue back.

Item CM-50CNC CM-80CNC CM-120CNC CM-200CNC
Wire diameter to be used φ2.0~5.0mm φ3.0~8.0mm φ6.0~12.0mm φ10.0~20.0mm
Wire feeding speed 100m/min(MAX) 80m/min(MAX) 80m/min(MAX) 50m/min(MAX)
Accurcy of wire feeding 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm
Max.wire feed length Free Free Free Free
Max.coiling outer diameter φ75mm φ90mm φ140mm φ180mm
Main motor 22kw 4p 37kw 4p 55kw 4p 75kw 4p
Machine dimension 2100(W)×2000(L)×2000(H) 2300(W)×2300(L)×2000(H) 2700(W)×3200(L)×2500(H) 3000(W)×3500(L)×2700(H)