These are multi-slide press forming machines which can produce small wire springs, leaf springs, brazing rings and other springs and wire foms. The FM forming machines are also capable of parts assembly. Basic spring forms which can be made by the FM spring formers.

The optional device is necessary for the spring that is on blue back.

Item FM-25 FM-30 FM-40S FM-60
Wire capacity φ0.4~2.5mm (Hoop=13mmWidth) φ0.8~3.0mm (20mm) φ1.5~3.0mm (25mm) φ2.5~6.0mm (60mm)
Max.wire feed length 135mm 250mm 700mm 300mm
Punching press power 1.5t 8.5t - 15t
Thrust force of slide 1.0t 1.3t 1.3t 4.5t
Production speed (60Hz) 40~160pcs/min 30~120pcs/min° 9~36pcs/min 20~80pcs/min
Main motor 1.5kw 4p 2.2kw 4p 2.2kw 4p 7.5kw 4p
Machine dimension 1500(W)×870(L)× 1665(H) 1930(W)×1200(L)× 1760(H) 2150(W)×1000(L)× 1600(H) 2650(W)×1700(L)× 1900(H)

・AC Servo Motor is used for the wire feed axis on FM -40S type machine.

※Production rate is in the case of 60Hz.