Special metal mold and cam are unnecessary on this machine because all slide and wire feedingare controlled by computer. Sample making or angle modification, etc. will be much easier.Other machines can be connected on.

The optional device is necessary for the spring that is on blue back.

Item MCF-10S MCF-20S MCF-30 MCF-80
Wire diameter to be used φ0.3~1.0mm φ0.6~2.0mm φ0.8~3.0mm φ3.0~8.0mm
Wire feeding speed 0~400mm/sec. 0~520mm/sec 0~430mm/sec 0~650mm/sec
Accurcy of wire feeding 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
Max.wire feed length Free Free Free Free
Main motor 5 axis total 5.4kw 6 axis total 23.3kw 15kw 4p 22kw
Machine dimension 1500(W)×850(L)×1500(H) 1900(W)×1400(L)×1700(H) 2000(W)×2600(L)×2050(H) 1870(W)×2350(L)×2035(H)